Learnings on Leadership

This week I was asked to speak to the opening session of our leadership development program for 2013. I’m proud that our company has such a program, and I like it even better that that we include a number of elements in the program that are focused on coaching, mentoring and self-awareness. Our people are … Continue reading Learnings on Leadership

The Value of Vulnerability

The holiday season is behind us and we are back to our normal work routine. It gave me pause to reflect back on the past several weeks. This year I worked through the break, having taken my vacation earlier in the year. Normally I would find working through the holidays somewhat burdensome but this year … Continue reading The Value of Vulnerability

Playing To Our Strengths

I’m a huge hockey fan,which means I’ve been starving for some action! Not this week … the World Junior Hockey Championships are on and I’m up early every morning the Canadians play.  I love hockey largely because it is a fast paced team sport. But it is also a game of spectacular individual achievements. We … Continue reading Playing To Our Strengths

Next Year…

Here it comes again. New Year’s Day. Time to make a bunch more resolutions!! Myself, I’ve never been much for resolutions. Each year I make the same one: “this year I resolve not to make any resolutions”. What has led me to this is that the things that we generally resolve to do are things … Continue reading Next Year…

Power to the People

As you’ll see if you read a few of my blog entries I listen to a lot of music. We don’t have a television on the main floor of our house and this is intentional so we will spend more time in meaningful engagement with each other and with various form of art such as … Continue reading Power to the People