Power to the People

As you’ll see if you read a few of my blog entries I listen to a lot of music. We don’t have a television on the main floor of our house and this is intentional so we will spend more time in meaningful engagement with each other and with various form of art such as … Continue reading Power to the People

What a Christmas Present!

I just held my first grandchild in my arms for the first time. What an amazingly emotional and spiritual event. I can’t begin to say that I understand what it means in its entirety. To gaze down upon this beautiful new miracle, this amazing gift, this bundle of limitless potential and possibility is mind boggling.

Showing up

There’s an expression I’ve used all my life. Well at least from high school onward. It has been directional for me. it has been a curiosity to others. It’s been an annoyance to my children. And it still remains true to me today, albeit with a bit of a different context than I’ve used it … Continue reading Showing up

Don’t Shoot!

I wrote and scheduled this entry for posting well before the tragedy that took place in Newtown, Connecticut, and the title of this entry is in no way related to that event. My heart goes out to all of the innocent children and the adult heros who were working to save them. The question I … Continue reading Don’t Shoot!

Checking Out on Vacation

As I described in my entry last week I recently had the opportunity to take a three and a half week out of country vacation. As far as vacations go this was in the longer side. But not exceptionally long. What was exceptional about the vacation was that I checked out. I let work go … Continue reading Checking Out on Vacation