Don’t Shoot!

I wrote and scheduled this entry for posting well before the tragedy that took place in Newtown, Connecticut, and the title of this entry is in no way related to that event. My heart goes out to all of the innocent children and the adult heros who were working to save them. The question I … Continue reading Don’t Shoot!

Checking Out on Vacation

As I described in my entry last week I recently had the opportunity to take a three and a half week out of country vacation. As far as vacations go this was in the longer side. But not exceptionally long. What was exceptional about the vacation was that I checked out. I let work go … Continue reading Checking Out on Vacation

People Like Us

My wife Kendra and I have just completed a marvelous 25 day trip to Europe. While in Europe we saw and experienced many things. Above all we reveled in the opportunity to share these things together and to discuss our discoveries every day. On the way home Kendra watched a movie called “People Like Us”, … Continue reading People Like Us

Live to Live

When I made the commitment to myself to start this blog, I had just begun a 3+ week vacation in Europe.  Hence much of the thought that I put into what I might write about was heavily influenced by what I was experiencing in France.  The next three weeks of posts will be from my … Continue reading Live to Live

One Step In A Journey

As I made plans to embark on this self described mission to engage a discussion on the vital nature of leadership, I took some time contemplate the organizations that I have been privileged to be a part of. The greatest memories of each of them is the memories not only of the people themselves but … Continue reading One Step In A Journey