IanLeading Essentially is a coaching practice focused on creating a new meme of leaders.  Its mission is to“shift the lives of people to the possibility of living and leading essentially”.

At Leading Essentially, we strive first to help individuals discover their true and essential talents and have the confidence to use them to their fullest each and every day.  By choosing to focus on their true purpose, passions and mission in life, It allows each person to make room for others to do the same.

When this happens, people have the ability to create immense new possibilities for themselves, their teams, their organization and their communities.  Great discoveries and advancements are the work of such teams, and we strive to help each of our clients discover their essential selves.

Within organizations, our approach is to work with leaders first to take on this approach for themselves and then shift their leadership style to one which strives to release the talents of others for them to grow within the team and organization.  This creates an environment where collaboration is the cultural norm, allowing the organization to awake each day with a clear view to its purpose, with a fully engaged team of highly talented people driven to use their individual gifts to their fullest capability.

More about Essential Leadership

We also utilize our broad-based executive experiences to support organizations in setting clear strategies and defining plans to implement them.  Many times, a leader is too close to the problem or opportunity to see it clearly, and having an experienced facilitator who has been there before can really help bring the picture into focus.  Our executive experience spans many disciplines including financial management, sales, contracting, leasing, channel management, information technology, business-to-business integration, supply chain and outsourcing, most through an executive lens.