Today’s business environment doesn’t permit us to acquire and retain unlimited skills and resources.  As a result, a philosophy of “just enough” prevails, often leaving an organization struggling to free up the right person, with the right skill, at the right time to seize an opportunity or solve an issue.

You need a helping hand. One that isn’t afraid to dig in and get dirty.

But how do you find the right resources fast enough to satisfy the speed of business?  One answer is to seek out experienced executives who have a broad-based portfolio to draw on.  At Leading Essentially, we have just that.  Our portfolio includes senior experience in a number of disciplines including:

  • Executive Leadership
  • Information Technology
  • Business Strategy
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Supply Chain
  • Sales
  • Channel Management

We use this broad base of experience to provide highly collaborative consulting services focused in two key areas.


Generally speaking, most leadership teams have the answers to any challenge somewhere within.  What might be missing is the catalyst to bring structure, deep perspective and a knack for drawing the best out of everyone in order to bring the picture into sharp resolution.

Business Innovation

Every business starts with a great idea – an innovation.  As it becomes more successful it grows and adds process. It attracts competition and adopts defensive strategies.  In short, it diverts its resources from innovation to risk averse activities.  Using an approach based on Geoffrey Moore’s Core vs. Context model, we will support your discovery of what creates your organization’s market power, and how to find the resource to exploit new innovation.