The Conscious Lifestyle: A Leader Must Look and Listen

I came across the first article in a series from Deepak Chopra.  I really like this first one and will follow the rest as they come out.  What it teaches me is that to lead, we often have to remove our own pre-conceived ideas from the agenda at the onset, bringing our contributions to bear once we have sensed and heard what others long to contribute.

The Conscious Lifestyle: A Leader Must Look and Listen | LinkedIn.

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Ian Munro is a leadership and vitality coach with a primary passion for working with senior professionals who wish to improve their connection to and vitality in their career, or who wish to make a transition to a meaningful and rewarding retirement. His methods are focused on helping clients understand why they present as they do in day-to-day life, discover their authentic self and give themselves permission to build a meaningful and rewarding future, both professional and personal. Ian’s love for this work has developed naturally as he built his career as an executive and leader in the IT services industry, serving in many roles and facets of this industry over 25 years. As he reached the pinnacle of his career he began to search more deeply for meaning and alternate rewards from his own career and to begin to plan for his own “first retirement”.

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